Irrigation Systems on Class A LoRaWAN Networks

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Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics


The purpose of my thesis is to implement a control system related to the construction of a sprinkler system, in which the sprinkler is controlled by a relay. The data required to achieve the desired operation is provided by the soil moisture sensor and the OpenWeather software, that was already written. In order to provide bidirectional communication, I had to find the methods that are most effective in the given circumstances.

After a review of the digital technology, I work in the first half of the thesis with LoRa communication and network architecture. I present the different types of LoRa devices and their setting parameters.

As a task, I got the LoRa implementation with class A device, where the response message can be made after the data is extracted. The Class A device was configured with an Arduino UNO and a LoRa communication module. I used different types of network servers to collect the data, such as The Things Network (TTN) and Loriot. I have chosen Node-Red to implement data processing and control applications. I tried three types of communication between the application page and the network server (WebSocket, TTN compatible solution, MQTT).

During this task, I implemented the successful connection of device to the network server using LoRa communication. The application server display data and successfully controls the device.

In a separate chapter, I deal with the operation of the TTN network, inasmuch as the internal part of the network is well documented.

At the end of my disertation I examined the current and future development and possibilities of the two most significant low energy and long-range networks, NB-IoT and LoRaWAN, complemented by my personal experience.


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