Supporting of logistic processes in QAD ERP system

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

This document contains my Diploma work at my master’s course of Business Information Systems at the Institute of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and was written about an installation and customization of a new business informatics system in a real world environment.

The chosen software is the QAD Enterprise Application integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system which is one of today’s determinative interior and international software that offer complex business solutions.

This document is said about the importance of using inventories, the main inventory recording techniques, and the most typically used inventory valuation, accounting methods.

By the results of the theoretical research, the inventory valuation possibilities of QAD Enterprise Application (shortly QAD EA) are explained.

Then, parts of a concrete, real business demand specification are explained, and by the knowledge of previously described possibilities of the QAD EA software, a new system’s planning and implementation process is presented.

The document ends with the evaluation of the completed tasks and the testing of the developed programs.


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