CAN bus interface to Logitech gaming console

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Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

During the work on my thesis, I learned many things about a Logitech gaming console, which is used in the Embedded Systems Laboratory for control a laboratory car. I examined the construction of the console, the role of the main parts of the control board, the input and the output signals of the connectors, the connection between the steering wheel and the pedal unit, the current solution for connect to the CAN-bus, and the messages on the bus. I thought over the possibilities of making connection between the gaming console and the CAN-bus without an USB connector and a PC. I made a decision to design a new control panel. With my knowledge about the original control panel, I chose the ICs, the connectors and the other parts (resistors, capacitors etc.) for my board. I designed the schematics and the layout with a CAD program. I measured the sides of the original board for the perfect replacement in the steering wheel. I paid attention for the wiring rules and the right placement of the parts on the layout to avoid malfunctioned behaviour. After the manufacturing process, I did the soldering of the parts and I supplied power for the board.

For the microcontroller I used, the Department had a development board, which was very useful to get known with the registers of the CAN controller and generate CAN messages.


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