Developing a location based communication application for Android

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Mobile applications have become incredibly popular by these days, and as we humans are social beings, our most favorite applications are the social ones, according to the number of downloads. This is not a surprise, because on the one hand, they extremely simplify the maintenance of our relationships, so we have up to date information about the everyday life or activities of our friends and on the other hand they help us to easily organize different kind of social events.

Following the trend today, with this thesis my goal is to create and document an Android social application useful to the public. Using this application the users will have the possibility to see the everyday activities of their friends and their shared calanders. If we look at the market today and take it into account, it is extremely hard to come up with such an idea that can compete with the already established popular applications. For this reason my goal at the moment is not to compete with what is out there in the market. For me the main goal is to be able to use and put to practise all the skills I have acquired during my university studies regarding Android developing, and to continue to grow within this field of expertise, at the same time improve my problem-solving skills.


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