Interoperability between local IoT clouds

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

During my Thesis I was working with the Arrowhead framework and two of its Core Systems, the Orchestrator and the QoS Manager. The purpose of the Arrowhead framework is to create a working implementation of the Internet of Things for industrial purposes. The Internet of Things is basically a huge network, and with this network everyday devices could function intelligently, and would be able to communicate with each other. My first focus was the Orchestrator, which is a part of this framework, and its task is to create a functionality that enables interconnectivity between these things. I worked in Java using the REST architecture with the JAX-RS API.

Later I’ve designed the QoS Manager and worked on integrating an SDN Controller, the Cisco APIC-EM into our framework. In my thesis I present a working solution for that provides full collaboration between the framework and the SDN Controller.

In the first chapter I explain the current situation in the IoT scene. In the second chapter I give a brief overview of the Arrowhead framework in development, and the possible solutions. The third chapter focuses on the main theme of my thesis, the Orchestrator. I explain the design plans, and the task of the Orchestrator. In chapter four I describe the methods and programs used to implement our Arrowhead framework, with a brief explanation for every protocol/program. In chapter five the actual implementation of the Orchestrator and its communication messages are explained and documented. In chapter six I’m presenting two advancements in the framework, security advancements and the Orchestration Store. In chapter seven I’m explaining the current possibilities with Quality of Service and Software Defined Networking. In chapter eight I present the solution to integrate the Controller into our framework. Chapter nine summarizes my work in this thesis.


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