Developing integrated tool management system with location support

OData support
Dr. Asztalos Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays internet is accessible in the vast majority of homes, that is a predominant majority of households possesses some device suitable for access internet, like laptop, tablet or smartphone. This is especially true for the smartphone that is today available in almost all households from schoolchildren to older grandparents in all age groups.

Smartphones have therefore become part of our everyday lives, as reflected by the built on industry - both device manufacturers and application developers. The manufacturers aim to provide phones with a wide variety of features, while the developers - by making use of the phone's features - implement useful and reliable applications that make everyday life easier for users.

Within the scope of my diploma thesis, the goal is to implement a mobile application and the related support website, which provides to the users new, previously non-existent services by utilizing smartphone features. The intention of the application is to facilitate the return of lost objects to the owner by incorporating services such as community and other smartphone services, positioning, photo making and uploading, and other features.

In my dissertation, based on the requirements of the system, at first I examine the eventually available solutions for the problems that arise, then after their analysis I compile the specification. After that, I design the system architecture and present the main steps of the implementation. At last, I talk about the system testing, the development tools used for the implementation as well as the further development options.


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