Location-based framework to support museum pedagogy

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During the past few years the significance of smartphones became quite high. Most of the young people now have a smartphone or at least a similar device. These instruments are far from being only able to make phone calls. There are millions of applications available for download, browsing the Internet, listening to music, playing games are also possible on these devices. These smartphones usually have positioning sensors, devices. It is easy to write applications which make use of the data provided by these. Currently the most popular smartphone platform is Android, in my thesis I make use of this in detail.

In most fields of modern life it is more and more natural to use these devices. By now different applications are developed for museums, in which the visitors can get more information about the exhibits present in the museum, making the museum experience more exciting.

In my thesis I first show how mobile applications can be used in a museum environment, then I plan a system which is able to give location-based information about the museums to the users. For this, I plan and implement a prototype of an administrative application, through which data can be uploaded and modified. I also create a client application for Android based smartphones. The applications store location data about museums and exhibits, and are using this data to help provide information to the visitors. I also demonstrate the technologies I used, the important parts of the planning and the implementation, and I provide information on the possibilities of further development.


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