Development of a low-cost sensor network

OData support
Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Wireless sensors have opened up new possibilities for data acquisition and remote monitoring even in applications where installation of traditional sensors and data acquisition systems is cumbersome or even infeasible. However, due to high price and complexity of wireless sensor networks their application is limited in several fields.

This thesis presents the development of a low-cost sensor network which can be flexibly adapted to various applications with low cost and complexity.

The system consists of sensor devices, a gateway and a remote server. Measurement data, which can be acquired by cyclic or real time sensor devices, is transferred to the gateway through local radio link and is forwarded to the remote server by WiFi. A web page hosted by the server allows the user to monitor real time measurement data, display arhive trends and configure sensor devices.

The thesis presents the architecture of the data acquisition system, its hardware components and the communication protocols of data exchange. Software modules implemented on the embedded components and on the server are detailed and test results based on a simple setup are also evaluated.


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