Measurement of the levitation force between HTS and PM

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Dr. Györe Attila
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Superconductive levitation is probably the most fascinating aspect of the phenomenon superconductivity. After discovering high temperature superconductors (HTS) at the end of the 20th century, experiments on superconducting applications; amongst them levitation experiments; became cheaper, and easier to accomplish. Many researches targeted/analysed the theoretical and practical possibilities of superconductive levitation, and its use in applications. My thesis is about measuring the vertical component of levitation force between a high temperature superconductor and permanent magnets using load cell. To examine the hysteretic behaviour of the levitation force and the capabilities of the load cell, I carried out measurements of minor force loops between the superconductor and the PM. The most significant property of the levitation system’s; magnetic stiffness can be calculated from the characteristics of the minor loops, it was also introduced and reviewed. To accomplish the measurements, it was necessary to build an amplifier to the load cell which also required significant amount of work. All of the measures have been finished successfully; results and experience gained through them were reviewed at every case.


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