Simulation and Calculation of the Levitation Force between HTS and PM

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Dr. Györe Attila
Department of Electric Power Engineering

An important application field for superconductivity in the industry is magnetic levitation. Experiments are carried out in this topic all around the world. One of the most important and spectacular achievement is MAGLEV, the magnetically levitated railroad transportation system. Other great field of industrial application is the usage magnetic bearings.

My thesis is built up from three main parts: theoretical review of superconductivity, forward calculation and finally simulation.

As a commencing part I use a simplified arrangement to carry out forward calculations with respect of the classic theories of electrodynamics and superconductivity. The purpose of forward calculations is that we can estimate the levitation force inside one order of magnitude. This is an indispensable step during the design process. I present the calculation procedure in details and I compare the results from the measurements. Beside the evaluation of results I would also like to point out to a more refined and accurate model.

I implemented the simulations with COMSOL 4.0 finite element software. I also introduce the steps of finite element calculations, the method that the program is using. I give a detailed description of the simulation steps. For the first time I had completed the calculation for a case that contains a permanent magnet and then I executed the simulation for the desired arrangement.


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