Thermal modeling of 3 phase MOSFET bridges

OData support
Dr. Dülk Ivor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The aim of this MSc thesis is to develop a method which helps to create thermal models from a part of steering systems. The main expectation from steering systems is reliability and robustness.

Due to the aforemantioned and the high power demands, major attention should be paid to keep the parts of control electronics in the working temperature range. Using appropriate thermal models the whole system may be tested under extreme conditions and with safe temperature estimator algorithms the component failures can be avoided.

Recently I got acquainted with the system that should be modeled and the theoretical basics of thermal modeling. The purpose was to build a process which is based on known generic thermal models and is easy the reproduce.

In this thesis I introduce the theoretical background of thermal transient measurement and the implementation of thermal models in MATLAB Simulink environment.

I also implemented the steps of the thermal identification process in Python and created a graphical user interface support.

Finally I used the toolbox to prepare models based on several types of measurements from a few items of the steering system and validated them through their dynamic behavior. These output models and parameter sets were integrated into a system level simulation which is a representation of a steering system.


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