Implementing an MP3 decoder using FPGA

OData support
Szántó Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The MP3 file format has several years past, and it’s still a dominant compressing method for digital audio nowadays. Lots of softwares have been made, both for coding and decoding MP3 files, and special integrated circuits are available for this purpose; in addition a former thesis has analysed that, with proper hardware support, a processor based system - made by configurable logic - would be capable of running a real-time decoder.

After selecting the decoder software, the most time consuming function has been made on the hardware, using configurable logical blocks, however it wasn’t enough to achieve real-time operation. The aim of my thesis is to develop a new system, based on the previous thesis’ proposal for further developments, where the new and existing hardware components can work together to reach real-time decoding.

At first, I present the MP3 file format, then comes the demonstration of the processor based system, and the useage of the decoding software. After that I introduce further hardware acceleration for real-time operation, and I prepare the system for stereo decoding. The samples will be hopefully shaped into a hearable form, by the help of a D/A converter and an amplifier circuit. Finally I will rate the achieved results, and make a proposal for further developments.


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