Design of an MQTT based smarthome system

OData support
Dr. Györke Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

There is a growing number of modern smart buildings surrounding us in our cities, and in the near future, this number is about to rise to even greater heights. The integration of systems that facilitate everyday tasks is a completely different kind of a challenge in newly constructed buildings than it is in older homes. In flats that are freshly built it is possible to plan ahead with the types, numbers and distances of these devices and their communication channels, while a much more universal solution is needed in cases having older buildings as location because of structural diversity and generally lower budgets. Since it is anticipated that more and more average households will want to benefit from advancing smart-home technologies, we need to provide them with a cheap, simple and actually useful solution, to make it appealing to them. Above this, our intent is to make systems that are able to achieve meaningful changes autonomously while working from the background and provide useful functionalities such as energy saving solutions, use of renewable energy sources, and optimization of everyday tasks.

My goal was to build a system is appealing to a wide range of users thanks to its simple installation process, usability and comfort features. Its secondary goal is to increase savings by reducing heating and electricity bills.


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