Creating highly integrated build environment for embedded systems

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The task is to develop a multi-platform, configurable in module level build environment that is suitable for automotive ISO26262 standard. During the setup of the build environment it would be necessary to create a multi-platform environment that is capable to build the source code to different platform – including PC - with simple command line switch. The build environment should be able to handle the application in module level and each module should be capable to run separate static (like PC lint, Polyspace) and analytical programs, different tests and unit tests should be able to run, store, and archive their results. These capabilities should be a simple configuration interface, and according to the available resources it should be able to generate a variety of environmental statistics and databases. It should be able to handle the version control system data. This task includes understanding, usage and configuration of the programs that are mentioned above, as well as creating the build environment so that it is capable to run test in personal computers and in embedded devices too, these tests could be run on the whole application and the individual modules as well. It also includes making these programs capable of automatic run.


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