Developing a distributed high availability web application based on OpenSource tools

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

By the March of 2014 the internet penetration in the leading economic regions raised

above 80%. In the developing regions the number of internet users increasing rapidly. For

today 40% of the population have internet access.

These numbers make the internet companies really intrested in the market. Therefore a

lot of them became founded week by week. However these companies have a need for

information technology solutions which can support serving this huge market.

Serving thousands of clients in paralell, couldn’t be solved by a single server computer

becouse of resource issues. Syncronised and scalable coworking of multiple server computers

are needed to solve this problem. On top of the infrastrucure specialised software solutions

are also essential parts of the required system. Software solutions which can run distributed,

utilise the possibilities of the infrastructure efficiently and increase the availability by

tolerating faults.

In my BSc Thesis I examine whether it is possible to build a system described above

from free and open source softwares only. If possible, what are the optimal processes and the

right tools to build it.

I walk through the process of building a distributed web application. During that i

create a framework, which gives recommendations and specified solutions of the software

components and the interactions between those.

At first I take an overview of the architecture of web applications and the available

free and opensource software components. By keeping the requirements of distributed

systems in mind I choose the right solutions to build an ecommerce solution.

After building this web shop application I transform the system into a distributed,

scalable system. During that i work with load ballancer systems, database server clusters and

web application server clusters as well. Developing a fault-tolerant system is also an

important goal of the design.


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