Verification of Schematics Diagrams at High Level

OData support
Szántó Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In the past few years the need for more professional and comprehensive control methods is keep growing for both software and hardware design programs. But the recently used wiring diagram check programs are only able to find simple electronic errors.

The aim of my thesis is to develop a software with a wider array of functions which can monitor the electronics of less sophisticated buses.

To accomplish this task the Altium design software was used. The reason this software was used is because it is popular and widely used. Moreover, this software has the capability to provide access to my internal objects and methods with the support of some script languages.

Hereinafter I will present the monitoring angles based on which the monitoring software checks the wiring diagrams, and how Altium Designer can implement it. Furthermore, I will demonstrate the internal structure of Altium Designer as well as its objects, and access and management of its interfaces. The issues and difficulties found during the process will also be highlighted as well as the outcome of the thesis.


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