Human machine interface design and implementation in a high-lift warehouse

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

High-lift warehouses represent a modern place-saving way to store goods and they also make possible to use advanced automated techniques during the manufacturing. The processes of material handling are automated in normal mode but they have to be also managed manually if necessary. The human-machine interface of the high-lift warehouse solves this task.

The purpose of this BSc thesis is to design and implement a human-machine interface for a specific high-lift warehouse. The developed solution is used in industrial environment. The application is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and follows the MVVM software architectural pattern and the code itself is written using the C# programming language and WPF. In addition to the presentation of the development process, the report overviews the general structure of high-lift warehouses and the related weight handling systems. The report also presents in details the PLC device used to realize the HMI. The connections between the management system layers are also studied in the thesis. Some results about the performance analysis of the developed application are presented together with some suggestions for the improvement of the system.


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