Safety system renewal for an automated warehouse

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of my thesis is the safety technology closely linked to industrial control technology. The purpose of the modification of the already existing technology was to create a conveyor belt system which is much safer and has a more developed safety technology than the original one. The process of solving the above mentioned task is presented in five parts in chronological order.

The first step is the theorem of constructing and optimising the safety technology in accordance with the relevant points of the later listed standards.

The second logical unit is the surveying of the concrete factory, cross-checking the electric network plan with the existing network, as well as mapping the risk-reducing measures currently in action. Compiling a list of the necessary materials was only feasible after a small-scale preliminary planning but preparing a large-scale electric plan is not indispensable for starting the ordering process.

The modification of the electric network plan was made with the help of Eplan–electric P8 software, in compliance with the demands of the customer. Planning was followed by detailed documentation. The modifications of the plan had to be placed properly in the electric draft. The preparations and forward assembling were followed by a two-week on-the-spot assembling (by technicians), plus managing the assembly process (on my own). Alongside hardware specific work, software modifications were also needed to realise the expected functions, however I had a smaller part in this part of the project. The modifications consisted of PLC code correction, Pilz code modification, as well as HMI additions. Further on, I will refer to these either on a large scale or in order to understand the whole project.

Having finished the construction and the software update, the testing phase started. This meant filling in -a form of safety matrix created by myself after testing, which provided information on the suitability of the renewed safety technology.


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