Realization of life safety functions for a high-lift warehouse control system

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In my thesis, through an example of an automated high-rise storehouse being under construction, I show how to design a reliable and labor safe logistic system. At the beginning I make clear the basic points of view of the labor safety, because these regulations return many times in my work. After that I discuss the standards and technical specifications of labor safety in case of high-rise storehouses, as well as the safe-technical gadgets and procedures. In the following part of my work I introduce the system and functions of high-rise storehouses as well as the installation of the net-controller instrument concerning labor safety functions and furthermore their selection. After that I show the steps of designing a safety solution. Here I make clear the steps of the risk-evaluation and I explain them using a practical example. Then I show how to calculate the integrity level of the security system. Concerning the previous toughs, I discuss the safety solutions in case of high-rise storehouses then I introduce the programming process. Finally, I make clear the revealed technical problems during the installation and I give hints to solve them, and I evaluate the labor safety functions.


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