Developing a magazine publisher application on Windows 8 platform

OData support
Fekete Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The purpose of my MSc thesis is to introduce the development of a magazine reader software made for Windows 8, from the early planning processes trough the implementation of the application and its functions, right until the evaluation of the software.

In the introduction I am describing the circumstances of the applications formation, and the Mobilarena portal, for which the project is developed. I give a short overview of the new operation system of Microsoft, and the technologies and tools required for software development on that system. I also present the two main types of applications using the new Windows Runtime, the ones based on XAML and those that are using WinJS. Still in this same section, the history and specialties of the new user interface (that is considered novel on desktop PC’s) will be described.

Later on I am detailing the steps of the planning, including the architecture used. I also analyze some of the applications available in the Windows Store, those with similar functions and target audience in particular. In the end of this section I will guide the readers through the process of designing the user interface.

The most extensive part of my paper is about the implementation of a primitive XAML and also the final WinJS apps. It covers the involved decisions, problems and the found solutions for them too.

Finally, I will present a performance analysis and a usability test, of my application, followed by not only a summary and evaluation of the finished software, but also of my work and experiences during working on my thesis.


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