Development of a Magnetic Tracker for Virtual Environments

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Dr. Vajda Ferenc
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The spreading of the virtual reality systems extend the vision of humans about digital world. In order to cross the chasm between the virtual space and humanity, we have to forget about the traditional input systems. However, the tools that could be suitable are either underdeveloped, or the technology is not convenient for easy usage.

The topic of my thesis is to design and build a working prototype of an innovative 3 dimensional input detection device with a more easy-to-use interface that can be utilized in many areas.

The objective of the task is to enable the operator of the device to use a permanent magnet as a ‘3-dimensional-pencil’ to draw in space. Arudino board and a PC serve as basic hardware of the project. On the other hand, the spatial characteristics of the magnet are determined by software based on the data detected with sensors and analyzed with mathematical models.

The thesis leads the reader through the road of building the device, as I start the introduction from the first ideas deriving from the research series till the experiences of the device tested in use.


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