Actuators of a magnetic nanoparticle filled micro reaction chamber

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Dr. Ender Ferenc
Department of Electron Devices

My thesis work focuses on the development of some sensors and actuators of a magnetic nanoparticle filled microreactor chip. The aim of the work is the automatization of given steps of the particle load process.

The investigation of the existing system resulted in three fundamental actuation approach.

Based on my measurements on the distance dependency of the magnetic field strength, I designed and implemented an electromechanical actuator. This actuator moves the magnets to and from the reaction cells.

I found that an accidently entering air bubble may disrupt the particle layer. In order to avoid the entering of such bubbles into the system I developed an air bubble detection sensor.

Finally, I developed an image processing algorithm to determine the filling ratio of the reaction cells based on a live camera picture.

In conclusion, I designed three subsystems which satisfy the requirements to build in a more complex microfluidic system.


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