Computer based modeling of the Hungarian macroeconomic processes

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The following thesis, concluded in the Business IT MSc program of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, introduces a macroeconomic analysis framework, in which anyone can browse actual data, view forecasts, and simulate the effects of changing macroeconomic parameters. The system is available at:

The thesis, after a brief introduction, first describes the software development tools which were used during the implementation.

Next, the database model will be explained. The chapter will provide the necessary background on how the information is stored and accessed. Also, I will explain the reasons of this design.

After, I will show how the data was put into the database, straight from the data sources, namely the Statistical Office and the National Bank of Hungary. Furthermore, this chapter introduces the administrative tools, needed to handle the data through the GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Chapter 5 describes the object oriented environment of this system. I will explain what kinds of objects were created, how they are instantiated and how they communicate in order to draw charts.

Chapter 6 explains how charts are drawn. The explanation also includes the improvements I have made to make the GUI more user-friendly.

Chapter 7 describes the forecast functions. The first part is about creating and storing them, while the second part is about specific forecast functions. This chapter is the essence of this thesis, as all the rest was created on the sole purpose to be able to create forecasts in the way, which is described here.

Finally, I will write a few words about the GUI, how it looks like and how it works. A lot of development had to be done, in order to access functions through the interface, I will also name and explain these.


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