Research and development of a fetal monitoring system

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The most important indicator of the well-being of a foetus is its heart rate. A CTG examination records the fetal heart rate parallel to the fetal movements observed by the mother. On the obtained dataset dangerous states can be identified, such as fetal hypoxia, compression of the umbilical cord and abnormal function of the fetal heart.

I participated in the development of a service, which enables to perform the CTG examination by the mother herself at home, while further medical analysis is carried out at the doctor’s praxis.

In my thesis, I introduce the non-invasive fetal heart monitoring systems along the available technologies, particularly with regard to the hearth rate recording, ultrasonic device, chosen in this work.

My main task was to develop a mobile phone application, which gives the opportunity to a doctor-independent measurement. I established a mobile client, named BabyCTG, with which the mother can connect to the obstetrician, measure the CTG with a Bluetooth sensor and subsequently send the dataset to the doctor through a server. Moreover, the user has access to all previous measurements and medical analysis stored in the history of the application. The BabyCTG proved to be a successful application both in user and medical tests.


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