Malware detection in cellular mobile networks

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

With the mobile broadband modems, built into smartphones, tablet PCs, and laptops, anyone can easily access the mobile phone networks. These instruments are used more and more every day, to reach online services through mobile networks.

The widespread distribution of use this networks has contributed the advances in technology (faster data rate), and the decreasing data transfer tariffs offered by the Service Providers as well.

As a result, the data traffic increased dramatically in recent years the data flow generated by unwanted software (malware) increased too.

In my thesis a wrote an overview of the development of mobile network technologies, data about traffic conditions change, the types of malware. Examine the malware detection facilities of the Service Provider side of the network traffic and present a system that is capable of malware detected to provide information for the Service Provider.

The traffic anomalies and attacks detected by the system are reported to the provider with clear identification of the customer. With a slight modification of the system the attacks can be filtered.


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