MAnagement framework for industrial control networks

OData support
Dr. Holczer Tamás
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In today's Industrial Control Systems (ICS), the controlling of the underlying processes is generally automated and performed by special hardware components called PLCs. The monitoring of these equipments has traditionally been the responsibility of the subsystems designed to supervise the controlled process (SCADA, DCS). The original purpose of these systems is to gather data about the underlying process and not about the equipment used to control it.

The framework, suggested in my thesis, aims to monitor and manage the different devices used in Industrial Control Systems, even in multi vendor environments. It also tries to verify the integrity of the control program running on the equipment to prevent malicious or unintentional modifications.

The proposed framework does the managing of complex, multi vendor systems while remaining independent from the underlying communications protocols. The initial implementation supports the most frequently used industrial protocols, namely the Siemens S7, the Beckhoff ADS and the OPC standards. However, the framework is designed to be easily expandable with further protocol implementations in the future.

The thesis introduces the general structure of Industrial Control Systems and the framework's proposed place in it. After, it discusses the key steps in the software design, implementation and verification.


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