Marketing Modul Development for a Vehicle Commerce Supporting Portal System

OData support
Dr. Vajda Ferenc
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The purpose of my dissertation is to present a description of a special form of IT systems used for supporting trade flows. This is Costumer Relationship Management systems, abbreviated as CRM, which is used for organizing relations with customers, assisting and evaluating of the activities related to these relationships. The system was developed to be added to an existing system, Infocarweb2, but the CRM module is well separated. The application is a web-based , various companies and car dealers can use it without installing any software on their computers, they can easily reach it through the Internet using their favorite browser. During the development process I used technologies supported by the . NET framework, i.e. ASP.NET for the user interface and ADO.NET the implement data access with the MS SQL database. Several implementations of the AJAX web development techinque are used to make the graphical user interface more responsive. The first part of my dissertation is about the characteristics of web based applictions. The following section is about CRM systems, contains the functions those are expected of such an application. In the next part I summarize the techniques and technologies used in web based development, especially the ones are compatible with the .NET technologies. The following section I summarize the used development tools.

In the next part I describe the expectations and specifications of the Infocarweb2 Marketing module. Realization of the system was part of the work. I summarize the tools used throught the process of development, the architecture of the system and its subsystems, their behaviour and the integration of the Marketing module and the InfocarWeb application.

In the last chapter I describe the ways of testing the application, the results of the tests and their evaluation, and the additional development done based on these tests.


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