Development of a massive multiplayer game architecture for the Unity engine

OData support
Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This thesis describes the development of massively multiplayer online games which make use of the Unity game engine. It is focused on the planning and the implementation of a game architecture which supports the basic features of the game genre.

Due to the topic’s complexity and extensiveness, this work’s goal is not to create a fully featured game, but rather to serve as a proof of concept and as a framework for further development of a game within this genre.

Although this work is not meant to reflect the implementation of a fully featured game, it still touches a lot of professional topics, such as the client-server model, network communication between the participants, and forwarding data structures between them. The topic of user authentication is also covered, amongst the authoritative behavior of the game server. The non-player controlled entities require the implementation of a pathfinding and navigation system. The persistent nature of the game world also implies the need of persistent data handling and the usage of databases.


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