Application of methods of mathematical statistics for analysing fetal heart sounds

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Dr. Hosszú Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

My dissertation is about the research of the analysis of the sound of the fetal heart and respiration.

I performed research on sound and sound digitization, the process of sound as a signal, and numerous mathematical signal processing and analytical tools, including Fourier transformation and Wavelet transformation. I made comparisons on the two transformations to determine which one is most suited for analyzing the audio file received. Additionally, I conducted research on the heart and respiratory function of fetuses to find out how the fetuses can behave in the womb.

I applied the two transformations to fetal heart and respiraton tone recording using the Matlab software. In Matlab, I created a framework that outlines the resulting Fourier Transform and the Wavelet Transform 3D Chart. Calculate the greatest changes in the audio file using the algorithm I made in the matrix generated by Wavelet transformation. It is an analysis of the likelihood of imitating breathing and hicupps of the fetuses.


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