Android application for mathematics education

OData support
Lajtha András Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays more and more children are using telehpones and tablets – the trend of using digital devices are also getting more popular in education. Technology has to follow this trend and because of that, it is important to keep developping new applications – because according to the statistics, in the next few years nearly all of the school-age children will own a telephone. Therefore the applications for children will be more significant.

My goal is to create an application that has extensive variety of exercises to offer for children. The application has to be playful and able to allow upgrades in the future, to implement more feautures to keep children’s interest. To ensure that the parents and the teacher recieves feedback from the exercises solved by the student, it is necessary to store the data in an appropriate form.

Every children will have exercises for his or her individual needs, with that the application also relieves some pressure from the teacher. It will help to solve the already growing problem that the teachers don’t have enough time to give differentiated exercise for every student – as a result, many children fall behind or getting bored in class, because they don’t get enough exercise in their own level.

If the application will be able to reach many users, not only it would achieve important result in the field of mathematics, but in the whole education system.


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