Software Development for Analysis of Material Exchange Format

OData support
Dr. Szűcs Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The topic of my thesis is the Material Exchange Format, shortly MXF, which is a container file format. The video, audio essences, and the connecting meta-data information usually not stored in a raw format, instead they are wrapped into a container file. The general known containers are for example: .mov (Quick Time), .avi or .mkv files. The professional standard used by the television, the movie, the radio, namely the broadcast industry is the MXF container, which can be used to store all the media essences and the connecting meta-data.

In the first part of this document I present the workflow of creating a TV program. I also discuss why it was important to create this format, and how it changed the workflows. The logical and physical structure of the MXF format can be found in this document as well. The presentation is deep enough to understand the basic idea behind the file.

I survey the available free and professional softwares, vendors and webpages, so if you want to deal more with MXF, you get a good starting point or a wide picture about the current possibilities.

As a part of this thesis I implemented my own analyser software, which can read and parse any MXF file. I discuss the features, my software knows, but other products not. I wrote the user guide and the developer guide of my application, and also proposed some opportunities for the further development.

I tested my application with real MXF files came from some vendors like Sony, Panasonic, Avid, Harris, Omneon. I documented the result of my analysis.

In the last chapter I present you a basic decision supporting system made by me. This system can be used to process incoming mediafiles and do automatic further operations based on the file structure and the actual workflow.


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