Digital intercom station development for Matrix 32 system

OData support
Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis is connected with an existing product family, the Matrix 32 intercom system. My task is to further develop the system and to design and construct a digital station. My goal is to enable the device to send and receive digital audio signals over TCP/IP network. This should also include the digitalization of the audio signal, the digital audio conversion and replay. In addition, the user interface should provide the opportunity to change various parameters of the voice signals.

I'm presenting each step of the design. First I'm summarizing the task of the intercom systems and different applications. Then I'm analyzing the Matrix 32 system, illustrating in details those parts which have been used in the integration of the digital device. In the next step I'm describing in details the hardware and software components of the new station. In the last part I'm presenting the device and summarizing the work performed.


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