Digitalization and PC-display of the measurement signal of a mechanical profilometer

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

The aim of this thesis is to replace the recorder unit of the Talystep surface profiler

with a program, developed by my, that is capable of the serving the function of the device, to

record the results of measurements and evaluate those. This instrument can be found in the

cleanroom of the BME EET department, and to this day is in active use in measuring the

height of layers and in profiling surface roughness. Despite the fact that the measurement

system was developed with 1960s technology, even in this day it is used to make accurate

measurements in semiconductor technology.

To make the measurements process easier it would be important to ease the evaluation

by getting the results in digitalized form. It is a significant consideration, that the way the unit

functions is not compatible with the cleanroom, because it burns the results of the currently

measured surface profile onto the surface of an electrically sensitive paper. and with this the

device pollutes the air of it. This is crucial because one of the pillars microelectronic device

manufacturing is the cleanliness of the enviroment and great effort is made to ensure this.

In the first part of my thesis I will introduce the clearnoom as the place where

microelectonic manufacturing process is done and I will detail the basic properties,

functioning and use of the Talystep surface profiler machine. At the end of the chapter I will

also introduce the LabVIEW development system that is used to solve this task, which is a

natural choice, because it was developed to solve problems like this

In the next part I will take the reader through the process of developing my

measurement controller software. I will detail the measurements made before the start of the

development, the process of developing the software and the measurements made to calibrate


In the last chapter I will show the measurements made to verify the results of the

program and I will provide possible ideas to further develop it, which could lay the

foundations for later work.


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