Control of mechatronic systems

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The subject of the Bsc. thesis is the design of a planar robot with two degrees of freedom, creating its position controller and making hardware-in-the-loop test on it. The task itself can be regarded as self-contained, since the design and control must be created from scratch. The dissertation guides the reader from the first and most basic design components, to the outcome, the simulation which includes hardware elements as well.

In the first chapter, I show how the structural design was made, what considerations influenced the final design which was needed to manufacture the robot, and presents the structure-dependent calculations, which results were necessary in the further steps of planning.

The second chapter presents the geometric calculations which allow to solve the direct and inverse geometry problem of the robot, which is necessary to realize the position control.

In the third chapter, there I study the overall position controller system, and highlight its two important features. Along the calculations of path planning, its software implementation, I write about the PID based position control, this will have a decisive role during the simulation.

The fourth chapter describes how the simulation environment was made at the hardware and software levels. What kind of units, connections, test specimens were used in the approximation of a real model, and how the interface and control system was made by software, necessary to the simulation.

The fifth chapter finally describes the experience of the complete system, the simulation problems and solutions. I also evaluated the work and I discussed the possible further developments.


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