Building a media player application on Windows 8 platform

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Windows 8, launched in 2012, is Microsoft's latest operating system, which is designed for comfortable use either by touch or with a mouse. This version of the Windows discontinues the traditions established since Windows 95, because not only window applications can be run, and the start menu disappeared from the system. The changes are not only evident on the user interface, with this Windows a new API has arrived; the new types of applications can only be developed with its help. The renewed operating system cannot only run on x86 and x64 architecture computers; Windows 8 also has a low energy demand ARM architecture version, which is not able to run window software, only Windows Store applications. Thus, it is convenient to use the Windows on tablet computers, as well.

The topic of this thesis is the presentation of the new features of Windows 8, the description of the development of the Windows Store applications, and the design and development of music player software for Windows 8 platform. The music player software actively uses the Web 2.0 benefits, it displays extra information about the performers of the played songs, and it obtains this information with the help of publicly available APIs. While using the application, the performer’s pictures, biography, albums, community channels can be viewed, and it offers similar performers, too. For the flexible use of the application, it uploads the downloaded information into a service running in Windows Azure, so it gets into a central cache, and the subsequent queries can be served from this service.


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