Media archive development

OData support
Dr. Magyar Gábor Béla
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In my thesis I first introduce the basic concept of the workflow at Budavári Schönherz Stúdió, focusing on archiving. I write about the currently used workflow and point out why it is not practical and I also show the problems of this system. After the introduction, I mention some of the best media-archiving softwares currently available on the market. I present the specifications of the studio which these programs need to satisfy and the functions which are going to be used by the studio. Then I present the actual specification, created from the use-cases and the whole system structure. I also present the making of the plans and functionalities, illustrated with diagrams. Following that, come the technologies and tools that I have used, explaining the choices and the reasones why i choose them. After that, comes the implementation phase. I explain the steps of the development in each component. I use tests to verify the code which I document providently. I close my thesis with a summarization of my overall work.


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