Analysis of Enhanced Performance Sports Cars Ignition and Injection Control Systems

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Dr. Balázs Gergely György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In Hungary in the last decade performance-enhancing parts have become available in the markets for sports vehicles. Such components include higher power injectors, spark plugs and ignition transformers. Enhancing the performance of a sports car caused by modifying the parameters using replacement parts, the re-alignment of electronic control is also needed. For larger budget users it is not a problem, but for amateur groups the high costs can encumber the development. The thesis aims to eliminate this problem is to consider a simple and cost-effective construction of the theoretical possibility of intervening systems. The first four chapters of this thesis presents the technical solutions of a typical vehicle. The key components are also described below. The two most important one is the injector and the ignition transformer. They are discussed in a separate section. In the next chapter, some of the possible functions are presented. Next, the hardware solution and its software background will be discussed. The end of the thesis summarizes the measurement and implementation experiences.


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