Circuit braker status indicator

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The most important part of the electrical substation is the transformer. There are a lot of high-voltage equipment next to the transformer to proof working and protecting.

One of the most expensive and important appliance is the circuit breaker. It is required to set up an unified Circuit Breaker Status Indicator (CBSI) to avoid and explore the current and future mistakes.

I present in the first half of thesis the most important parts of the equipments of substation. considering the impression of circuit breaker, then I will specify the parameters of SF6-gas and the most important connections of the gas and the circuit breaker diagnostics.

Henceforth I will talk about the several measurement ways and I compare the pros and cons of the CBSI-algorithms that I setted up and created by myself . I demostrate my own algorithm by the help of Microsoft Excel functions and Visual Basic macros. In the closing part I will compare with each other the consequences of the report’s of CBSI-system (so-called status indicator).

In the penultimate chapter of thesis I make a financial plan with Excel-table. I take into account the price of diagnostics, including the costs of the the measurement’s and trip’s. I will create a budget about a new circuit breaker’s installation regarding of the construction as an important view-point regarding the working time and the other parameters (type, outdoor/closed space).

Finally I suggest another developmental opportunity about the algorithms and the practical implementation, because of the system’s early status.


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