Use of renewable energy in gas transport

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Hungarian natural gas pipeline operator FGSZ Natural Gas Transmission Ltd. is committed to increasing the efficiency of energy use, cutting down on energy costs and energy-awareness operation.

One part of my thesis is to demonstrate the technical solutions of a gas transport station, focusing on climate friendly operation. Out of the renewable energy sources the one that fits the demands of the station the most needs to be decided on, and the application of that energy source needs to be analyzed in the field of gas transport.

The station chosen by the operator is located in the south of the country, where the climate and the number of sunny hours allow the application of solar energy as a renewable energy source. The size of the station and the location of the free territories enclosed by fence make the installation of the photovoltaic system facilitate. The system must be positioned outside the hazardous areas, but that would not increase the allowed lengths of the cables.

After that the types, the construction and the operation of the PV-system are introduced, and the technical design is presented for the given station. Because of the installation of a new system the protection against overvoltage and lightning must be reconsidered, and necessary modifications as well as complements are proposed.

In the next part of my thesis the probable changes of the energy efficiency and its effects on the environment are estimated.

In the end the expected changes of the energy demand, the possibilities of the power generation, and the more and more increasing role of the renewable energy are analyzed and backed by the data of the World Energy Outlook 2017 presented by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on the 14 November 2017.


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