Demand-side management of a renewable energy park

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays the electricity is very important for the humanity, although there are many places worldwide which do not have access to the electricity. The main reason of this is the high price of the eletricity grid. Recently decentralizaton from the grid became more and more popular.

During my Thesis Work, I got involved in a project about the Renewable Energy Park in Fót. The Park is a MicroGrid, which is an electricity distribution system, that can manage itself and gain power from renewable energy sources and from the eletricity grid also. During the Thesis Work, I had multiple task regarding to the Energy Park. The solutions are presented later in the document.

First, I assesed the load facilities in the Park and I completed the current database of the Department of Electric Power Engineering. I analyzed statistically the available power load and supply data of the Park. I analyzed the synchrony of the load and supply and also the Park’s possibility for virtually islanded mode. The main task of the Thesis was to analyze, how can the demand-side management support the existence of the islanded operation. Finally I made a suggestion for the expansion of the renewable energy capacity.


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