Renewable Energy Sources in Mobile Networks

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Dr. Huszák Árpád
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The use of the renewable resources are increasing in all areas of economy including the telecommunication. The base stations are normally outdoors, so it is worth examining that how do these devices work with renewable resources. In my experiment, I studied the possibility of the use of solar energy for the power supply of the LTE mobile networks. I examined the consumption datas of LTE NodeB devices, the commercially available solar panels and batteries. I also examined that what kind of restrictions should be introduced for the acceptable operation. The energy -produced by solar panels- fluctuates depending on time of day as well as the consumption. With these parameters, I developed algorithms for the efficient power management. I developed a simulator software which shows what situations could the base stations function properly. We can try the algorithms with several parameters or with the given parameters which algorithm gives the best result. I compared the effects of the algorithms.


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