Examination of Lightning Protection Solutions of Renewable Energy Sources

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Like traditional power plants and installations, alternative systems need grounding and lightning protection to ensure the safety of personnel and protect expensive equipment from natural phenomena.

The use of alternative technologies for the production of electricity has become widespread, not only in industrial but also in living conditions. As with any electrical system, there are risks associated with some external or internal factors. External hazards include a direct lightning strike, damage from which is unavoidable.

The distance from how far the lightning discharge can develop, it is influenced by object. But the background of the processes is the same. Therefore, my task in the thesis is to find out: What is the influence of striking distance? What is the situation and how critical field intensity produced by downward leader? How does the upward leader initiates? And for that purposes it is necessary to examine when will upward streamer start. Therefore, from the very complex question of the determination of the striking distance we will focus on the first step


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