Using NEPLAN software for analysing dynamic behaviour of electricity distribution system with renewable sources and energy storage

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Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Environmental protection is one of the most significant problems of our days. Therefore small 0,5-50 MW power plants using renewable energy sources are getting more and more frequent. Using transformers with on load tap changer and energy storage devices the negative effects of disperse generation can be reduced. NEPLAN is one of the market leader softwares for analyzing steady state and dynamic operation of power systems that provides excellent engineering tools for integration studies of power plants using renewable energy sources. The main aim of this thesis is to demonstrate Neplan’s capabilities in such studies.

I am going to present the grid connection requirements of small power plants in the first chapter. Than I will perform voltage profile and fault analysis calculations for a 3 MVA synchronous generator connected to a 20 kV overhead line of the distribution grid. Both hand calculation methods and NEPLAN simulations have been used.

Then I will present a low voltage distribution network model with high PV penetration in NEPLAN to study the effect of local energy storage and on load tap changers to the network losses and voltage profiles.

Finally, I will show a model of a wind farm using NEPLAN dynamic simulator capabilities to investigate the wind park behaviour during wind speed deviation and closeby faults, as well as to analyze the dynamic interaction with the grid.


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