The role of producers utilizing renewable energy sources on the market of system level services

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Faludi Andor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

During my MSc. semesters I analised the control processes of the electric power systems, and the closely related Balancing and Ancillary Services Market. I was looking for opportunities how is it possible to support the control processes of the electric power systems with non-standard resources. In the hungarian Electric power system the Mandatory Power Purchase System was transformed in 2011, and I studied its effect on the Ancillary Services Market. I investigated the possibility to use some renewable energy sources for system control purposes, and some uncommon load management feasibilities. I examined the specificities of the Grid Control Cooperations, which were installed by a lot of Transmission System Operators in the last few years in Europe. The Hungarian Transmisson Operator (MAVIR ZRt.) joined to the eGCC in this year, so I could make some calculations about the expected and the realised cost savings, based on the published data.


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