Development of regenerative grid inverter for renewable energies

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Dr. Veszprémi Károly
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The scope of the thesis is the design of a modular swithcing mode power supply that has 4 modules. Each module is driven by a microcontroller module.

The PSU has a DC/DC converter that is capapble of producing 400 V bus voltage for the sine wave generation that is the second module. The SMPS consists a full H bridge containing 4 high voltage MOSFET's, a high frequency transofrmer, that is responsible for the isolation. Then it contains a driven rectifier at the sec. side. The sine wave generation is done by a second H bridge formed by IGBT s. All the gates are driven by an isolated drive. The fourth section is the filter and switch off module.

Most issues that are discussed during my thesis:

Design of a switching mode power supply that has a grid tie capability

Overwiev and understanding the principles of a grid connected inverter.

Finding the correct parameters, components, optimal layout for a GTI.

Application of a MPPT algorythm, implementation at the circuit.

Fining solutions for measuring U,I,f,cosfi, zero crossing, syncronization.

Measuring total harmonic distorsion, undervoltage, overvoltage.

Measuring all the possible parameters drawing graphs.


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