Renewable energy based islanded electricity supply

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays the electricity and uninterruptible power-supply is more and more a basic need. This can be subserved by the consumers with small-scaled renewable based generators and upon overproduction with energy storage devices. Similar to this, electrical energy suppliers can establish areas that are totally functional on their own, cut-off from the main grid, working as an island. This is mostly useful in case of grid failure as the numbers of the connected consumers can be reduced.

During my work trough the semester I investigate a household that working in islanding mode far from the main-grid with the help of a 6kWp solar system. The system was built within the confines of a ranch upgrade national program (56/2013. (VI. 29.) VM regulation, Hungary). The system contains the solar panels, two solar charge controllers, an inverter and a storage battery, that can save the unused energy provided by the solar panels at sunlight and be a supplier during night.

This paper presents the differences and similarities of the grid-connected and off-grid distributed generators, how feasible are these in Hungary furthermore how the investigated system works and what are financial costs of it.


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