Integration of renewable generation into the virtual power plants

OData support
Dr. Divényi Dániel Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

I have spent my summer internship at E.ON Energiatermelő Kft. (E.ON Energysupplier Co.). During my work here, rose the question, how we could integrate renewable energy sources into a virtual power plant that is operating on the secondary reserve market. In my thesis I have analysed the integration of solar and wind energy, and the integration of a battery into this system. The aim of my thesis is to give a decision making support to the colleagues at E.ON Energiatermelő Kft. According to the Hungarian regulations it is not allowed to integrate intermittent energy sources into a virtual power plant. There is no regulation at all, about virtual power plants made up of only renewable energy sources. We have no information about the requirements it has to fulfil and the incomes it could possibly gain. That is why I have tried to use such strategies and calculate with such incomes that are realistic and fit to the existing requirements of the secondary reserve markets.

The results of my analysis show that with the integration of wind energy we get a slightly higher income than 10 Ft/kWh. That is why a more detailed model could be beneficial to gain more accurate results. The integration of an accumulator with my proposed strategy wouldn’t return its investment costs. The main reason for this is the low utilisation because the accumulator operates subordinated to the renewable integration. With further use of the accumulator we can get higher utilisation rates and further incomes.


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