Renewable energy generation in smart grid environment

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Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The electric power industry has arrived at an important milestone, where the overall structure of the system can fundamentally change with the use of renewable energies. As utilization of renewable energies is increasing, and therefore, distributed power generation has emerged, an information system that optimizes overall system performance is needed. Smart grid provides an elegant solution for this problem.

During my work I exploit the potential of renewable energy options. As a final result I designed a power supply for one fictitious city, where 50 000 people live. I simulated an energy production by biogas power plant, solar panels and CAES unit (which uses wind energy).

In DIgSILENT PowerFactory 14 I developed a simplified model of this network by single line system. By using power-flow calculations I optimized the established network for minimum hourly operating cost and minimum power loss. My primary goal was to create an optimal energy supply mix, invalid will become increasingly important the production of the power configuration in the spread of smart networks.

I believe that solving today's problems leads to a better future. Worldwide utilization of smart grids can build up a future world where every kWh is provided solely by renewable energies.


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