Integrating a managed main memory database with Entity Framework

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In these days the most important requirement against a database is fast response time. Many segments in Information Technology demand real-time access to the stored information such as telecommunication, process control, stock market or national defense. The advantage of main-memory databases against conventional database systems is that they do not use block access data storage devices, only memory, so information retrieval can be orders of magnitude faster. Memory based systems became achievable in the recent past due to the increasing size and decreasing price of RAM modules.

The goal of the development was creating a database engine that takes advantage of the .NET framework, operates fast by using only memory for data storage and can be used transparently as a cache of the Microsoft SQL Server in applications based on the ADO.NET Entity Framework. The system is capable of processing the query created by the Entity Framework and executing it optimally after multiple transformations.


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