.NET-based In-Memory Database Engine

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

People’s data needs getting bigger and bigger day by day. These can be satisfied by providing various software applications. It does not matter whether it is web, desktop or mobile application. What is common in these cases that most of them store the data in databases. Therefore building efficient database engines are really rewarding. Users always want fast response time, where the most critical part is getting the right data from the database. In this process putting the data from the disc to the memory takes the longest time. Over the time ,number of concepts have built to make data access more efficient, but keeping the data on the disc is still a problem to solve.

An effective solution to this problem is to create an in-memory database engine that reduces the number of disc operations. In my thesis, I present the design and preparation process of my in-memory database engine running on .NET-based platform. Furthermore I present this memory representation logic which is the base of my data access engine. Additionally, I describe the applied and similar technologies as well. I compare my solution with other database engines through different measurements. Finally I make some suggestions to further development. The result of my work gives a framework with the data access layer can be realized.

In summary, I would recommend everyone to use memory database because it improve the user experience. For a software developer one of the most important thing is the satisfaction of the users.


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